Are you new to CrossFit?

We offer three free sessions for all new CrossFitters. These free sessions cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. If you are new to CrossFit, these free sessions will be used to start your Fundamentals course.

NOTE: If you decide to become a member of CFPB after your three free classes, you will be required to finish your Fundamentals course before attending any of our regular WOD classes.

Are you an experienced CrossFitter?

You still receive a free three-session trial. You will not be required to attend the Fundamentals classes, but may do so if you desire.

What is Fundamentals?

Fundamentals is the CrossFit “on-ramp” program, designed to introduce new people to CrossFit – the methodology, the movements and the lifts. Fundamentals is mandatory for all those new to CrossFit.

The full Fundamentals course consists of six classes. Each Fundamentals class consists of a basic warm-up, a lesson on the foundational movements of CrossFit and a short workout incorporating some of the elements you learned in that session. Some classes will incorporate a short lecture.

When attending your Fundamentals class, be sure to bring a water bottle and be prepared to workout! Classes are designed to last one hour, but occasionally run over.

Although critical to building a foundation for CrossFit, Fundamentals classes do not teach you everything you need to know. CrossFit is a continuous learning process in building strength, conditioning and skill development. Mechanics. Consistency. Intensity. Good luck!

Signing up for Fundamentals

Fundamentals classes run in two-week cycles, twice a month. All Fundamentals classes will have a limited number of slots.

The schedule for Fundamentals classes can be found below. Classes must be attended in order and must be completed before you can attend a regular CrossFit class.

We understand that you have a busy schedule, so please let us know if you are unable to make certain days or times and we will do our best to schedule a makeup class.

We normally run our fundamentals class at 6:30 PM on Tuesday/Thursday/Friday for two weeks.

Tuesday: “Baseline WOD”

Thursday: “Squat Series” – an overview of the Back Squat/Front Squat/Overhead squat

Friday: “Pull Series” – an overview of the Deadlift/Hang Power Clean

Tuesday: “Press Series” – an overview of the Shoulder Press/Push Press/Power Jerk

Thursday: An overview of Pull-Ups/Kettle Bell Swings/Rowing

Friday: “Baseline” and the Snatch Progression