5am, 6am, 9am, noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm

CFPB Bootcamp:

We will be de-loading Monday through Thursday this week…what does that mean: lighter loads (focus on technique), skill focus (learning some of the cool things from the i99 clinic) recovery style workouts and extra mobility and stretch sessions….. then Friday we get after it with CF Total 🙂

Mobility snatch prep

EMOM for 10mins
1 halting snatch pull (pocket) + 1 hang snatch + 1 overhead squat @40-60%
(Keep it light work on technique)

Kipping practice

“Team Fran”
Partner A- 21 thrusters 65/95
Partner B- 21 thrusters 65/95
Partner A- 21 pull ups
Partner B- 21 pull ups
Partner A- 15 thrusters 65/95
Partner B- 15 thrusters 65/95
Partner A- 15 pull ups
Partner B- 15 pull ups
Partner A- 9 thrusters 65/95
Partner B- 9 thrusters 65/95
Partner A- 9 pull ups
Partner B- 9 pull ups

Extra Credit& Extra Credit Oly
Mobility WOD

CFPB Bootcamp

10 min EMOM
1 hang halting snatch pull + 1 hang power snatch + 1 overhead squat
Kipping practice

Team Fran