Every 90secs for 8 rounds:
2 paused back squats(5 sec pause) @ 75%
Then max rep at back squat(no
pause) @75%
*try to beat last week*

For time-
3 rounds of:
30 goblet squats 35/53
30 burpees

Extra Credit
3-5 rounds of-
8-10 glute ham raises
8-10 (each side) single leg RDL

CFPB Bootcamp
On the minute every minute for 1minutes:
3 paused back squats (3 secs)
(Rising bar)

3 rounds-
20 goblets
20 burpees

Core work

Attention!!! We will be doing Tami’s Birthday WOD on Saturday. First heat starts at 9:30am (gym doors will be open by 9am) and will run until everyone is done. We expect to still be going till 12 maybe 1, so if you can’t make it till later you can still workout. Hope to see you there.