WOD times: 5am, 6am, 9am, noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm


Every min on the min for 5 mins

2 split jerks @ 65-75%

(2sec pause in dip & 2sec pause in catch)

Teams of 2 or 3-

For time-

4 rounds:

400m run

500m row

Teams of 3:

Partner 1 runs partner 2 rows partner 3 rest then partner 1 rows partner 2 rest partner 3 runs then partner 1 rests partner 2 runs partner 3 rows etc etc

Teams of 2:

Partner 1 runs partner 2 rows then partner 1 rows then partner 2 rest

Aka row always goes to rest, rest goes to run, run goes to row

Each person with row and run 4x each

Extra Credit

Practice Handstand walks

-try going max distance in 5min-

Sub: shoulder taps, holds, kick ups attempts, wall walks etc etc etc