Open* gym hours-6am-7am



* Open gym is a time for you to do the workout of the day, do any WODs you’ve missed or hit up that workout you’ve been dying to try or even hit up skills, active recovery, mobility work

Open Gym weightlifting WOD:

Every minute on the minute for 10minutes.

3 power snatches @ 80+%

Work up to a max power clean & 2 jerk from the blocks or hang. 

Every 90secs for 10rounds 

1 back squat @ 90+% 

4 rounds:

8-10 glute ham raises 

15-20 GHD sit-ups 

Open Gym Metcon:

6 Rounds of:

-24 Squats

-24 Push-ups

-24 Walking lunge steps

-400m run or 500m row