Streaming schedule

Recovery w/ Renae (Twitch)

6pm-Nuclear Glutes/Core* (Zoom)

7pm-Shoulders like Boulders**(Zoom)

*20-30min glute focusd workout with a sprinkling of core*

**build upper body strength and stability**

10mins of skill work

Example: Doubleunders, handstands, pistols, kipping, muscle ups etc.

Featured movement: PISTOLS

(Check Squat Everyday)

(Gym WOD)

For Time:

1500m row

100 Doubleunders

50cal bike

100 Doubleunders

1500m row

(Home WOD)

For time:

1200m run (or run for 6mins)

100 Doubleunders

30 burpees

100 Doubleunders

1200m run


Doubleunder = 200 singles or 100 toe taps

10-15 mins recovery/mobility