Open* gym hours-6am-7am



* Open gym is a time for you to do the workout of the day, do any WODs you’ve missed or hit up that workout you’ve been dying to try or even hit up skills, active recovery, mobility work

Open Gym weightlifting WOD:

Work up to a 3RM power snatch from the blocks or from the hang

Every 90secs for 10 rounds 

1 clean & jerk at 80+% 

Every 2minutes for 6 rounds:

2 back squats @ 85+% 

Every 90secs for 5rounds 

3 snatch grip deads @ 110+% of SN 1RM

Open Gym metcon:


1min AMRAP of each

Kettlebell swing 35/53

Push press 55/75

Box jumps 20/24

Hang power clean 55/75


Rest 1min 

*record total reps*