THANK YOU! Thank you to everyone who came out Saturday, has donated, or has supported this program in some way. We cannot keep this going without your support.

We’ve raised over $2,200 this past week! This is enough to keep the program going at its current rate for another year!

Randall Gorman (TWMCS recipient #2) hosted the Taylor White Memorial WOD and Fundraiser at his gym, Catahoula CrossFit, and they raised an additional $500!!!

Thank you also to Piglatin Food Truck for showing up with good eats, 5 Star Nutrition, Scott for setting up his table, and those that documented the event. We also had a good number of folks come out from other gyms, thank you! This is a program that has a positive effect on the entire community, so we appreciate seeing new faces.

Of course, this program wouldn’t have the same impact without the support of CrossFit. Thank you!

Remember the GoFundMe for this program is up year round, so please consider making a contribution anytime!