All regular WOD class will be warm ups, METCON ONLY, cool down and/or extra credit. Times are WOD classes unless otherwise indicated.

We will have all the info to get you on Zoom out by tomorrow.

We are choosing to do both Zoom and Twitch because Twitch allows us to easily archive and share content, Zoom allows for greater accountability.

I will still be doing demos the night before and we are not Zooming wods Tue & Fri because it’s team WOD day.

Steaming schedule:


9am (Twitch)

5:30pm (Zoom)


9am (Twitch)

4:30pm (Twitch)

7pm (Zoom) * Abdemic*


9am (Twitch)

4:30pm (Zoom)


*Recovery with Renae* (Twitch)

4:30pm (Zoom)

6pm (Zoom) * Nuclear glutes*


7:30am (Twitch)

4:30pm (Twitch)

7pm (Zoom) *ROMWOD & chill*


8am (FB live) *gymnastic with Smalls*

9am (Twitch) *powerlifting with Courtney*

11am (Zoom)


11:15am (Twitch) *Yoga for a Good Quaran-time*


A 15-20min core class with no equipment

*Nuclear glutes*

A 20-30min leg and glute class W/ little to no equipment

*ROMWOD & Chill*

Recovery/ mobility social hours- show up with your favorite glass of wine (or can of

lacroix) and have a little stretchy stretch with you favorite gym friends

*Yoga for a Good Quaran-time*

Regular yoga with Jenney but with a funny name