Squat Everyday (w6d3)

Recovery Day

(All the equipment)

Front Squat

Bar x10

30% x10

40% x5

50% x5

60% x3

70% x3

(Some/no equipment)

Hold each stretch 2-3mins each side

Runners lunge

Half pigeon

Half saddle

Deep squat stretch


yes that means everyday, 7 days a week.

We will be programing a squat day every single day. 2 of the 7 days will be recovery days so you don’t burn out.

We’ve done this program in the gym before and people LOVE IT!!! I’ve done this program and I PRed my squat by 25lbs in 6 weeks.

We will programming for no/some/all equipment (feel free to hope around in the programs) 5 days a week I will program the squats separately from the WOD. Friday and Sunday they will be part of the workout.

Hope you are ready for the squat BOOTY!!!l