Open Gym 9am-noonTeam WOD 11:15am 

*if you want to “Lift” and do the team WOD please done before 11:15


Open Gym Lift:

•Work up to a 3RM snatch deadlift 

•4×5 snatch grip RDLs @ 60% of 3RM 

•5×3 push press @ 90% of 3RM push press 

•5×5 DB press

•3×10 dumbbell flys 

•3×10 barbell bicep curls 

Team WOD:

Teams of 2:

For time-

50-40-30-20-10reps of:

Kettlebell swings 53/70

Tire flips 

Tire in & outs

-between ever round do 6 rope climbs- 
*break up reps whatever way you want*