Day 27

Level 1

Scap push ups

4x 12

Level 2

Scap push ups

4x 16

Level 3

Scap push ups

4x 18

Level 4

Scap push ups


*for level 1 drop to you knees if needed*

*rest 60 secs between rounds*

Our 30day push up challenge is designed to get you in the best push up shape of you life. We will have 4 levels based of your AMRAP score. Different workouts posted everyday to fit your level.

Level 1 = Less than 8 Unbroken standard/modified push ups

Level 2 = Less than 15 Unbroken standard push ups

Level 3 =15 to  25 Unbroken standard push ups

Level 4 =25 plus Unbroken standard push ups