No 5am, 6am or 9am classes due to weather.Check Facebook for updates on other class times 


Noon, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30


Kipping practice 

90sec AMRAP bar muscle ups*

Rest 1min

90sec AMRAP chest to bar pull ups*

Rest 1min 

90sec AMRAP pull ups*

-record total reps of each movement-

For time:

3 rounds:

500m row 

21 burpees 

100 doubleunders**


Extra Credit 

Rest 5mins

400m farmers carry 53/70 (each hand)


-every time you put down the bells do 10wall balls-


*a) push ups/reg. pull ups/ ring rows OR b) push ups/ring rows/jumping pull ups 

**15, 25, or 50 doubleunders or 300 singles