Doubleunders Challenge: Day 2

Level 1: 2 Doubleunders

Level 2: 26 Doubleunders

Level 3: 51 unbroken Doubleunders

Challenge explained:

We will have 3 levels of participation so no matter what your level you can be challenged and find the challenge “doable”.

If you don’t have doubleunders yet. Give yourself 5mins each day to practice. Once you get them, start with level 1

Level 1-

Do 1 doubleunder the 1st day, 2 the next….10 on day 10…..30 on day 30….etc.

Level 2- you will start 25 double unders in- 25 double unders on day 1, 26 double unders on day 2…..27 double unders on day 3……etc.

Level 3- start 50 doubleunders in but all sets must be unbroken.

Day 1: 50 unbroken, day 2: 51 unbroken….etc

If you miss a day (or days) you must buy back to stay in the challenge. You can buy in at anytime by completing the reps on any day you may have missed.

Good luck!