Saturday (1Dec18)

Open Gym 9am-noon

Team WOD: 11:15am

*if you want to “Lift” and do the Team WOD please done before 11:15


Bench Press

3×10@ 55-65%


Narrow grip bench 2×10 AHAP

3×10 bent over row AHAP

3×10 upright row AHAP

3×15-20 banded tricep extensions

3×30-60s plank hold

Team WOD:

20min Amrap

10 Power Clean 95/135

10 toes to bar

400 Run/ 500m row/ .7mike bike

Partner 1 will complete the power cleans and toes to bar, whilst partner 2 runs/bikes or rows. Then you will switch.

Friday (30Nov18)

WOD times: 5am, 6am, 9am, noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm


Work up to a

4RM front squats w/ a 3sec pause on the first rep


2×3-4 @ 90% of ☝️

For time

30-20-10 cals of:

25-15-7 (women’s)

Bike/ row for cals

18-12-7 reps of:

Strict handstand push ups

9-6-3 reps of

Muscle ups

Extra Credit

Super set

4 rounds

10 each side DB bent over row

10 each side single leg RDL

10 each side single leg glute bridge (add weight)

Thursday (29Nov18)

Open* gym hours





* Open gym is a time for you to do the workout of the day, do any WODs you’ve missed or hit up that workout you’ve been dying to try or even hit up skills, active recovery, mobility work

Open Gym Skill:

On the minute every minute for 5minutes

1 leg less rope climb*

*scale: less height, use legs, 5x rope pull seated to standing

Open Gym WOD:

6x 400m run/ 500m row/ .7mile bike

Rest = work

Wednesday (28Nov18)

Wednesday (28Nov18)

WOD times: 5am, 6am, 9am, noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm

Happy 50th Birthday Parker!!!


The Filthy Fifty

For time:

50 Box jump 20/24 inch box

50 Jumping pull-ups

50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood

Walking Lunge, 50 steps

50 Knees to elbows

50 Push press, 35/45 pounds

50 Back extensions

50 Wall ball shots, 14/20 pound ball

50 Burpees

50 Doubleunders

Extra Credit

Practice Handstand walks

-try going max distance in 5min-

Sub: shoulder taps, holds, kick ups attempts, wall walks etc etc etc

Tuesday (27Nov18)

WODtimes:5am, 6am, 9am, noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm


Work up to a

5RM touch ‘n’ go squat snatch

5rds for time-

5 power snatches 95/135

20 wallballs 14/20 9/10

Extra Credit

For time:

30 strict pull ups

(Scale: bands or 45 ring rows)