Monday (18June18)

 WOD times: 5am, 6am, 9am, noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm –


Work up to a 2RM push press 


Work up to a 2RM back squat 


3×2 back squat @ 90% of 👆

3 rounds for time of:

12 hang squat cleans 85/115

6 bar muscle-ups* 

-10min cap-

Extra Credit 

Max set of strict pull ups (no weight) 


5×3 strict pull ups AHAP


5×5 3-5sec negative pull ups 


5×10 ring rows (increase difficulty) 
Max set of dips pull ups (no weight) 


5×3 strict dips AHAP


5×5 3-5sec negative dips 


5×8 push ups (increase difficulty) 


Saturday (16June18)

Open Gym 9am-noon

Team WOD 11:15am 

*if you want to “Lift” and do the team WOD please done before 11:15


Open Gym Lift:

•Work up to a 2RM deadlift 

•3×2 deadlifts @ 85% of 3RM

•3×5 RDLs @ 55% of 2RM

•Work up to a 2RM bench press 


3 drop set 

3×2 @ 90% of 2RM


5×5 barbell bent over row

5×5 DB press

3×10 dumbbell flys 

3×10 barbell bicep curls 

Team WOD

For time-

Teams to 2-

42 pull ups 

42 DB thrusters* 

400m run (together)

30 pull ups 

30 DB thrusters 

400m run (together)

18 DB thrusters 

18 pull ups 

*choose your own weight

Friday (15June18)

WOD times: 5am, 6am, 9am, noon, 4:30pm, 

5:30pm, 6:30pm 


Work up to a 2RM jerk 

Every 90secs for 12 rounds-

1) 3 back squats @ 90% of 3RM

2) 3 push press @ 90% of 3RM

3) 5 strict pull ups AHAP

Extra Credit

For time: 

5 rounds 

15 deadlifts 115/175 

20 push ups 

Thursday (14June18) 

Open* gym hours




* Open gym is a time for you to do the workout of the day, do any WODs you’ve missed or hit up that workout you’ve been dying to try or even hit up skills, active recovery, mobility work

Open Gym WOD

For time: 

100 ft Handstand walk

10x 20ft shuttle run 

80 ft Handstand walk

8x 20ft shuttle run 

60 ft Handstand walk

6x 20ft shuttle run 

40 ft Handstand walk

4x 20ft shuttle run 

20 ft Handstand walk

2x 20ft shuttle run 

Handstand walk: less distance, bear craw 

Wednesday (13June18) 

WOD times: 5am, 6am, 9am, noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm 


Work up to a 2RM front squat 

Plus 3 drops sets 

3×2 @ 90% 

 30min EMOM

1) 7/9 cal bike 

2) 10-15 wallballs 20/25lbs 9/10ft 

3) 10 front rack lunges 75/115 (5 each side)

4) 40 doubleunders 

Extra Credit

Weighted pistols

5×10 (5L/5R)

*scale: no weight, assisted pistols, box drops